Technology development

Technology development

MTU files more than 400 patent applications in Germany and abroad and makes 200 invention disclosure reports every year—both of which are a testament to the company’s innovative capabilities. Through its committed, dedicated research and development work, MTU secures its technological edge over the long term.

MTU uses a technology radar to identify new technological possibilities early on and analyzes future markets, government aviation strategy guidelines and social trends at the same time. It then uses the results to derive initial drafts for future engine concepts and launches a corresponding MTU technology process. The best ideas, which are chosen systematically, subsequently feed into MTU’s Leading Technology Roadmap that charts the company’s planned course through 2030.

150 individual projects for successful technology development

At present, MTU is working on around 150 individual projects in its technology portfolio. The high degree of networking with industrial partners and the research community, as well as sustained funding from the public sector, are key pillars for the successful development of new Technologies.