Claire technology agenda

Claire technology agenda

In its Clean Air Engine (Claire) technology agenda, MTU lays out its goals as well as the options for a greener commercial engine that will achieve the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SIRA) environmental goals set by the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE). In a series of staggered targets, carbon dioxide emissions are to be reduced first by 15 percent, then by 25 percent and finally by 40 percent in the year 2050.

MTU has already achieved the first milestone, 15 percent, with the Geared Turbofan?. In reality, the technology surpasses this target, cutting fuel burn and CO2 emissions by 16 percent each. MTU’s conceptual studies for the next stage show that it would be possible to achieve even lower fan pressure ratios, which would further increase the bypass ratio—from currently 12:1 to as much as 20:1. Increasing the pressure and temperature ratios could moreover improve the core engine’s thermal efficiency.

Groundbreaking engine concepts

The third and final stage of Claire calls for groundbreaking engine concepts, which may well go beyond today’s gas turbine technology. MTU is already working with universities and research institutions to develop studies for this phase, scheduled to start in 2050.