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Flying and the technologies that make it happen open up a world of diverse and exciting topics that make for truly fascinating reading, fueling your knowledge of all things aviation. Stories from over one hundred years of history and plenty of exciting updates on developments in important areas with implications for aviation — as, for instance, climate change, population growth and limited resources — are just some examples of content featured.

“An MTU perspective on the world of aviation” neatly sums up the topics addressed in AEROREPORT. The word REPORT in the title stands for “made by MTU” and the high-tech and outstanding service the company has to offer. AERO represents broader horizons and insights into general aviation Topics.

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50 years of Airbus and MTU

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Together, Airbus and MTU Aero Engines have shaped the aviation industry.

MTU’s on?site services are a winning formula in the Chinese domestic air travel market

Air traffic in China is about more than just serving routes between megalopolises. The country has more than 85 megacities with a population of over a million. Establishing connections between them is the business of regional airlines, such as China Express Airlines.

MTU brush seals now in use in production for space applications

MTU brush seals have become an integral part of today’s engines. Germany’s leading engine manufacturer has now adapted the concept: using additive manufacturing to produce extremely thin-?walled components for space applications.

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