Engine Trend Monitoring

Engine Trend Monitoring

Engine Trend Monitoring forms part of the total aircraft condition monitoring system that assists airlines in keeping track of the condition of their aircraft. Efficiency by early detection is the name of the game here. Naturally MTU Maintenance places great emphasis on processing individual customer requests quickly and in a clear and professional manner. Additionally, responding flexibly and without delay to any unforeseen incidents is a key priority.

MTU’s proprietary condition monitoring software uses fully thermodynamic models for engine performance calculation, the aim being to identify technical problems before they can interfere with smooth flight operations or cause costly repairs.

The Engine Trend Monotoring system monitors and evaluates a variety of engine parameters at specific points during the flight cycle. The system not only detects even the smallest exceedance of manufacturer limits but also harmful trends, for example in engine performance. The Engine Trend Monotoring delivers its full potential in conjunction with data analysis and trouble-shooting by experienced MTU specialists.

Early detection of potential failures and prevention of secondary damage offer substantial benefits for customers. The data recorded by the ETM system permits optimum planning of and preparation for comprehensive scheduled engine overhauls. Moreover, as part of long-term TEC? service agreements ETM creates significant added value for customers, for example by extending on-wing times and permitting MRO services to be provided to ensure optimum flight operations.

With many current engine and aircraft types data evaluation on the ground can commence while the aircraft is still airborne. The trend analysis data can be retrieved online around the clock, almost in real time, in a secure manner and without any additional hardware or software costs.

Another benefit of the ETM system for MTU's fleet customers is that it can be used for all engine types in the company's portfolio, ensuring individual performance monitoring to a common standard. MTU Maintenance can thus use its experience to best effect and satisfy individual customer demands. The ETM system can be further optimized by adjusting its sensitivity or by integrating new alarms to more closely monitor specific parameters.

The Engine Trend Monitoring system is complemented by an alarm function which visualizes the development of important engine parameters in the form of graphs. If trend shifts are noted MTU Maintenance will inform the customer and recommend corrective measures based on a thorough evaluation of the data. The trend data can be exported from the ETM system for further analyses.

Current further developments of the ETM system are aimed at expanding its diagnostic and prognostic capabilities, the focus being on automated trouble-shooting and wear predictions based on prior experience, models and expert systems. MTU Maintenance plans to perform fuel consumption analyses to be able to predict remaining on-wing times and service lives of certain modules even more precisely in future.


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