MTU Aero Engines has for years been pursuing a dividend policy that aims to safeguard continuity and pay out earnings-driven dividends, and intends to continue along these lines also in the years to come. We want to make sure that MTU's stock will remain a profitable investment in future. Therefore, all future dividend payments will be based on the development of net earnings, taking the result based on commercial accounting principles (German Commercial Code HGB) into consideration.

Dividend in Euro per share

Dividend€ 0.73€ 0.82€ 0.93€ 0.93€ 0.93€ 1.10€ 1.20€ 1.35€ 1.35
Dividend€ 1.45€ 1.70€ 1.90€ 2.30€ 2.85    

*) Dividend proposal for AGM on April 11, 2019