Compliance at MTU Aero Engines

Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance

“Integrity and responsible business practices are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. MTU acts as a fair business partner and customer and advocates transparent competition on an equal and fair basis. We categorically condemn corruption, bribery and fraud and any other form of white-collar crime. We consider compliance with laws and regulations to be our corporate responsibility towards society. MTU attaches special importance to a responsible approach to foreign trade and to the protection of human rights. An unequivocal code of conduct has been adopted that sets out rules of behavior our employees, managers and Executive Board members are required to follow to ensure regulatory compliance in all of the company’s business segments.”

Membership in Associations and Networks

Responsibility is a fundamental, natural part of MTU’s approach to business. This is why MTU is a member of various associations and networks dedicated to preventing and fighting corruption, among other key activities. Read more...