Young and old – side by side

Young and old – side by side

If a company wants sustainable results, it has to consider diverse perspectives in problem solving and in research and development. In the high-tech sector, therefore, utilizing experience is just as important as having the courage to make room for a new and unprejudiced take on one’s accustomed tasks.

An aging staff, working longer and living under altered circumstances due to digitalization and globalization – these circumstances present new challenges in terms of health. MTU deals with them through its sustainable company program for health promotion.

At the end of 2018, the active workforce (employees with permanent or fixed-term contracts, temporary part-time employees on parental leave, excluding students, interns, trainees/apprentices, short-term holiday workers, temporary agency workers and employees from external companies) consisted of: 16.9% employees under the age of 30, 52.4% employees between an age of 30 and 50 an 30.7% emplyees older than 50 years.  

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“We shape the future of aviation.” That’s MTU’s mission statement summarized in one sentence, and it’s why MTU is dedicated to training young men and women. Aside from offering various training courses for technical professions, MTU cooperates with universities of cooperative education in Stuttgart, Ravensburg and Berlin, as well as with the HSW, to offer practice-oriented academic studies leading to a degree in either Business, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Engineering. Our recruiting program is additionally supported by our intensive contacts and cooperative relationships with universities, and by the around 850 university students who each year gain their first practical experience at MTU, either through an internship or by researching their term papers or degree theses at our company.

What’s more, through our already well-established Junior Entry and Trainee Program, also known as JET, MTU gives university graduates of all subjects 18 months of special preparation for their future work areas.