Chief Learning Officer

Chief Learning Officer

With the change project “Together into the Future”, MTU’s human-resources development division, Campus, actively guided the introduction of our renewed mission statement in 2009. The project utilized a down-to-earth and dialogue-oriented method that was not only well received by MTU employees, but also accredited with exemplary status at other companies, as evidenced by the project’s third-place honors in the contest for the title of “Chief Learning Officer 2010.”

The so-called “workshops of the future” brought employees together to discuss the contents of the MTU Mission Statement, our strategic goals as a company and possibilities for organizing and improving cooperation. The workshops were centered on a pictorial representation of the entire MTU world: all our products, their applications and all our locations around the globe. Employees also found themselves depicted in the illustration in a number of ways – in various work situations, for example, whether in workshops, in offices or on visits to customers.

By this method, the illustration and thus the world of MTU were uncovered bit by bit within each team. Managers helped out where explanations were lacking. Afterwards, each team extracted lessons for its own specific area of operations, collectively formulating goals and deciding on concrete implementation measures.

The contest “Chief Learning Officer” was conducted for the fourth time in 2010. The trade journal “wirtschaft und weiterbildung” conducts it each year in order to honor outstanding projects in the areas of HR development and organizational development. The contest considers not only the innovativeness of the projects in question and the creativity of their overall strategies, but also the extent to which they integrate new learning technologies and increase a company’s competitive edge.